Friday, March 14, 2008

Taos is ready for us! TAO

After months of planning TAO, Taos Artist Organization, is prepared for the future. TAO, was founded by artists for artists to promote our community of visual artists. Our primary goal is the restoration of Taos as a premier international destination for those seeking a vibrant, world class visual arts colony. We create a forum for visual artists and the greater community to work together to inspire and promote one another. We will become an integral part of the internal workings of our community so that all visual artists have a voice. To achieve our directive, we will build the Taos Visual Art Center with exhibition spaces and studios where artists will create two and three dimensional art. The Visual Art Center will be an exciting meeting place for artists to exchange ideas and will uphold the spirit of our artistic environment with changing exhibitions, educational programs, workshops, classes, private sponsorships, professional assistance and many volunteer services. Next meeting April 6th, 3pm at The Taos Gallery(formerly - Terrie Bennett Gallery)103 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte - "Downtown" Taos. All Taos Artists Welcome Visit TAO for more information


David Hinske said...

Since the deadline for the fall TAO studio tour is March 31st, but the next TAO meeting is April 6th, I'd suggest extending the deadline to the meeting date. Non-members attending the meeting might want the opportunity to join and/or participate once they hear more about it at the meeting.

Nancy said...

I'm told that to join before April 1st is $100. On April 1 the rate will increase to $125.00


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