Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seco Pearl Presents a Musical and Art Debut

Saturday, January 30th, from 6-10pm.:
Artist Opening for Adeana Carlyle, a talented painter and figure drawer well known amongst the artist circles around town. Adeana has studied under Conrad Cooper, UNM art teacher extradordinaire. He has started a blues band and this will be his debut musical show. They have tons of talent and seem destined to become one of Taos’ favorites. To top things off, Austin singer-songwriter Raina Rose, will grace us with her musical talent. Raina was chosen as one of the top 12 picks for indie-folk singers and has become quite well known for her exquisite lyrics, stage presence, and refreshing guitar picking.

Adeana has a degree in music and education and has taught at elementary, high school, and college levels. She moved to Taos five years ago and has been refining her personal art ever since. She works in figure, portrait, and plein air landscape styles. She states that her “true love are the conte drawings that will be featured in the show.” Her work is precise, simple, and eloquent. She has the ability to grab people’s attention and make them instantly feel connected to the figure. She states, “My interest has been and still is drawn toward the inclusion of the human in all of my art. Whether it is a portrait, figure or incorporation of the figure, I find that the connection that develops among the artist, model and audience is what is fascinating and in reality gives life to canvas and paper.” Adeana stands out because she develops a deep connection to her model and brings that relationship to light in her work. She says, “It is that subtle yet dynamic collaboration between the artist and model that, when it works, compels the viewer into the experience of being human and being able to share what the artist and model worked to create.” Join us in this collaboration of what figure drawing truly can be, a dance between model, artist, and viewer.
Following the reception will be music by a new band in town, The Three Chords. Conrad Cooper has been a prominent Taos artist and teacher at UNM for several years, but takes a new step in a musical direction with this blues and funk band. Mr. Cooper plays the upright bass and provides vocals, along with Jackson Price on guitar and vocals, Casey Arillaga on drums, and Jeremy Jones on saxophone. He says that the music is, “as Swing, Funk, and Blues, as oldschool as it gets”. They have been perfecting their sound for some time now and this debut show is not to be missed.
Closing out the night, will be Raina "Railroad" Rose. Raina grew up in Portland OR, where she made her way to become of their top indie-folk performing artists. It is said that her first CD produced there with Mississippi Records. was a musical masterpiece. From there she moved to Austin TX and has released two more albums. She came through Taos last December and was so loved that Seco Pearl was specially asked to bring her back for an encore show. She has been performing since she was three, singing "Joh B. Goode" with her father and sister in a house high on a hill in Eagle Rock, CA. It is said that Raina's dad, Mo, introduced her to the guitar when she was 11. Her press states, “From that moment forward, Raina's musical world burst wide open. She devoured songwriters old and new, such as Joni Mitchel, Dar Williams, the Indigo Girls, Dan Bern, Robert Hunter, Paul Simon, Elliott Smith, and a whole slew of new folks who used to and still create good, honest, soul-wrenching music that may or may not fly under the radar of the masses.”
Dont miss this wonderful night of art, music, students, teachers, friends, and family. Seco Pearl promises some delicious treats, along with their famous teas, chai, and hot chocolate.
Saturday, January 30th6-10pmSeco Pearl590 Hondo Seco Rd.575 776 1225http://www.secopearl.com/

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frames for Sale

Kemper has Gold Plein Air Frames for sale a great prices.
Call KEMPER for more info at 575-770-1571

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Workshops at the Blumenschein Home and Museum

Workshops in the Studio of EL Blumenschein
Taos NM
Feb 5-7
Dorothy Lampl
Still Life
Using still life as the learning vehicle, the workshop will emphasize color and value relationships, as well as composition and a bit of technique.

visit http://www.dorothylampl.com/ to see more of Dorothy's work.

Feb 10-14
Sherrie McGraw
Painting Still Life & Portrait

Ideally, the role of a teacher is to help the student see the world as shapes, value and color relationships through the language of brushstrokes. The most valuable gift a teacher gives a student is a way of thinking and understanding. Unless you prefer the odds of “a monkey at the typewriter” when figuring out painting problems, then understanding how the language of paint works is necessary in order to truly becomes a good painter.

visit http://www.sherriemcgraw.com/ to see more of Sherrie's work.

eb 26-28
Peggy Immel,
Winter landscape Painting
will familiarize participants with processes they can use and adapt to their own work for painting winter landscapes. Topics covered include landscape composition and technique, painting en plein air in the winter environment, developing useful field studies for studio reference and studio processes for landscape work.

June 25-27
Larry Herrera


July 17-18
Michelle Chrisman
Plein Air Painting
Class will receive two full days of hands-on instruction by Michelle Chrisman. Chrisman is a professional oil painter and an experienced painting instructor.
visit http://www.michellechrisman.com/ to see more of Michelle's work

Located on historic Ledoux Street in downtown Taos, the E.L. Blumenschein Home and Museum is maintained much as it was when the artist and his family were alive. Blumenschein was a founding member of the Taos Society of Artists. Founded in 1915. The society was formed to promote the artists’ work through annually organized traveling exhibitions to several major American cities. Not only did it bring the Society recognition it was the start of the Artist Colony you see in Taos today. The workshops will take place in the studio of E. L Blumenschein.
Class size limited. Call today to reserve your spot.
Call 575-758-0505 for more information! or visit http://www.taoshistoricmuseums.org/

Short Pose Figure Painting in Oils

Instructor- Michelle Chrisman
Harwood Art Center-ALBQ, NM

This is a fast paced class that will move your painting ability ahead faster than any other approach. Using large brushes & pre-mixed paint, you will rapidly lay in entire paintings starting with just 5 minutes! The basis of strong painting is designing beautiful shapes and quickly painting them in their correct values. You will paint from the clothed model, moving from 5 to 20 minute poses, building the entire composition in relation to the figure. Michelle will help you quickly move to “level 3” painting, learning to see the abstract shapes before you. (Levels 1, 2, & 3 painting will be explained). Michelle will help you improve your use of the medium of oil paint & teach you how to mix all values and colors with a limited palette. She will do demos throughout the class complemented by plenty of individual instruction.

Saturday and Sunday,
January 30 and 31, 9 am to 5 pm

$85 for members, $100 for non-members
Call 505-242-6367 to register


The Business of Art

:How to Get Press/News Articles, Advertising and Digital Images!
The UNM–Taos Art Academy presents, “How to Get Press/News Articles,Advertising and Digital Images!”, a talk by Rick Romancito,photographer, film maker and Editor of the Tempo section of the TaosNews paper. Visual artists, entertainers, galleries, museums andschools as well as anyone who uses images and news articles toadvertise and promote their business will find this program helpful.Learn what is expected when you submit images, articles, news releasesand advertising materials to the Taos News. See what a good submissionlooks like. The free lecture will appeal to all and is, in part,sponsored by a spring semester UNM digital portfolio class being taughtby UNM faculty member, Jeremy McDonnell. (The digital portfolio classwill teach you how to do the digital imaging requested by the Taos Newsas well as how to photograph your art and create a professionaldigital/DVD art portfolio.)
The January 19th, 6 pm talk by Mr. Romancito will take place in the ArtBuilding Lobby on the UNM-Taos, Klauer Campus

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Call to Artists

"Lorrie Bortner, mural artist, is seeking *artistic high school age youth or recent graduates* for a BIG Taos mural project (approved by the mayor). Designing is happening NOW in January. Mural to be painted in June-July. All youth reserve your spot now, lorriebortner@yahoo.com, 751-0493. Note: I am writing grants for this project if you have any suggestions please let me know. The dream to have a Summer Public Art Work Program for youth every summer."


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