Sunday, March 23, 2008

Artist Beware, A lesson from Jerry Emmons

I was recently a victim of Copyrights violations by a Multinational Publishing Company that I licensed some images to. They wouldn't respond to my personal inquiries and trying to get through the multitude of corporate layers was a challenge to say the least. There was a substaintial amount of royalties ($) due me. Frustrated by the giant, I retained an attorney who does Copyrights work here in Taos, her name is Lee Boothby of Maestas & Boothby. Without going thru the whole story, she was able to get their ears (and probably other extremities) to recognize their liability to me. She got me paid fairly quickly for very reasonable fee. I recommend any artist entering into an Image Iicensing Agreement or finds themselves in my situation to talk to Lee Boothby first. She a patron of the Arts. Jerry Emmons

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