Thursday, December 31, 2009

Advanced Painting at UNM Taos

Looking for a new point of view on your own work?

Seeking a seasoned opinion from a gallery and museum professional?

Come work with Jeremy McDonnell- a new instructor at UNM Taos.

Jeremy McDonnell holds a M.F.A. from Ohio State University, where he was awarded a full fellowship. His background and experiences include teaching at several universities, instructing adults at two major museums and most recently- serving for eight years as Associate Director of the Barbara Krakow Galley in Boston Massachusetts.

Enroll in UNM painting class ARTS 308 section 800. Meeting Fridays 9:00-2:45

For information please feel free to call the Jeremy directly at 776-3826"

Learn to create a digital portfolio

"Learn to create a digital portfolio

Learn how to create your own from Jeremy McDonnell, new UNM-Taos Arts faculty member, artist and former gallery professional.
(In addition to his own work in a range of media, Jeremy served as Associate Director at the Barbara Krakow Gallery in Boston from 2002 to 2009.)

Enroll in UNM portfolio class AAC 293 section 800.
Meeting Tuesdays 12:15-2:45 from Jan 19th through May 11th.
Class costs include tuition- $171 (for 3 CR) and a course fee of $35

Previous computer or photography skills are not required. This is a simple straightforward primer for anyone that wants to learn and/or brush up on digital portfolio production skills and portfolio development.

The course will cover the basic skills of lighting, photographing and correcting digital images of works of art. It will also consider proper image storage, formatting issues, possible image output and a range of other related topics.

The end product of the course will be a professional digital portfolio for your use.

For information please feel free to call the instructor Jeremy McDonnell at 776-3826"

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Enjoy the holiday season!

"Time that Was"
by Nancy Delpero

quote from Uncle Drosselmeier: From the Nutcracker Prince
Time that was, time shall be, but waste it not, ere it waste thee.
Stay well and be peaceful!


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