Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Business of Art

:How to Get Press/News Articles, Advertising and Digital Images!
The UNM–Taos Art Academy presents, “How to Get Press/News Articles,Advertising and Digital Images!”, a talk by Rick Romancito,photographer, film maker and Editor of the Tempo section of the TaosNews paper. Visual artists, entertainers, galleries, museums andschools as well as anyone who uses images and news articles toadvertise and promote their business will find this program helpful.Learn what is expected when you submit images, articles, news releasesand advertising materials to the Taos News. See what a good submissionlooks like. The free lecture will appeal to all and is, in part,sponsored by a spring semester UNM digital portfolio class being taughtby UNM faculty member, Jeremy McDonnell. (The digital portfolio classwill teach you how to do the digital imaging requested by the Taos Newsas well as how to photograph your art and create a professionaldigital/DVD art portfolio.)
The January 19th, 6 pm talk by Mr. Romancito will take place in the ArtBuilding Lobby on the UNM-Taos, Klauer Campus

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