Thursday, October 9, 2008

Interwoven Illuminations:

Please join 24 artists

The Rane Gallery
214 Ledoux Street
Saturday October 11
for an unveiling and readings.
Regional artists and poets have come together on a project: Beginning with Bill Rane's 1981 painting, Aegean Sea Scroll, each artist (poet/visual) was asked to respond, one by one, to the artwork alternating, linked and inspired solely by the preceding unidentified artist and artwork. The art of creating art inspired by another genre is called Ekphrasis. Last year during the Taos Fall Arts Celebrations, Rane Gallery hosted "Reflections on Rane," where 11 poets read their poems inspired by different works by Bill Rane. That collection, The Master's Hand, Reflections on Rane, will be available at the Oct. 11th event. This event pushes the envelope further.
Poems are responded to by visual art, and in turn, another poet answers the painting/sculpture. The process took a year, an artistic "round robin" or "telephone tag."Will a theme emerge? Will a connection between the 24 artists be revealed? Please do come to see the specially created art work, and hear the poems.
The participating artists include: Bill Rane, Veronica Golos, Randall LaGro, Cheryl Loetscher, Dororthy Lampl, Joseph Hutchison, Seamus Berkeley, Ellaraine Lockie, Duaine O'Hagan, Karen Cordova, Homare Ikeda, Kathleen Cain, Carlos Barela, Andrea L. Watson, Nancy Delpero, Scott Wiggerman, David Hinske, Madelyn Garner, Don Ward, Carol Aronoff, Lenny Foster, Linda Arnold, Salvatore Giglio, Dora E. McQuaid.

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