Saturday, April 12, 2008

Padres, Divas, Ancestors, and Icons

Eskes in Taos. A series of images done by Sam Richardson called “Padres, Divas, Ancestors, and Icons” are now on display at Eskes Brew Pub in Taos. The works are done in a variety of techniques including charcoal, mixed media, and paper collage. There is a touch of whimsy in most of the pieces. “Logo for a Santa Fe Art Diva” and “Padrecito” are collage, done with brightly colored papers and feature the smiling countenances of New Mexico people the artist has met. “The Ascension of the ’57 Chevy” and “The Adoration of the Mystic Buick” are charcoal drawings. And a series of mixed media pieces called “Ancestors,” montages of old cars and trucks, churches, and Native American symbols, are done with charcoal and paper collage. Richardson teaches journalism at UNM/Taos, is a contributor to northern New Mexico magazines and newspapers, and has exhibited his art in one man shows and as part of several group shows, including The Taos Open. Contact:Sam Richardson 758-9539 for more info.

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